I do believe.


From the thundering dragon in the sky,

To the mute ant amongst the grass,

I do believe we all have the same feelings,

Of cherishing happiness and avoiding suffering.


“I” is a countable single being,

While “You” is uncountable and many,

I do believe, it is favorable and reasonable.

to dedicate one’s happiness to others.


Dedicating one’s happiness to others,

Means rejoicing in their achievements .

I do believe it doesn’t mean

Let others be happy and suffer oneself.


What people will think about you is

No business of yours to manage.

I do believe that what you think wisely

Is what makes your life beautiful.


If we think carefully, life is short;

Living it happily is shortest.

I do believe living every moment happily

Counts-and makes a happy life.


The number of people is limitless,

And you are just one.

I believe treating one you meet kindly

Is equal to honouring thousands.


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