Three Brothers…


Whether it is my good fortune or the grace of Buddhas, we three are the three brothers from heaven. Yeshi, Rigzen and me, are known as the three brothers. Yeshi is the big brother, Rigzen is the middle brother and I am the little brother.

Yeshi is in his mid-30s with 5’5’’ height and he is light. Rigzen is around 30 and he is the tallest one among us. He has a perfect physique. I am 28 and 5’2’’ high, which makes me the smallest one. I am quite a fatty too.

Both Yeshi and Rigzen are very liberal. Yeshi is an ingenious person who always gives me helpful advice. Rigzen has excellent qualities in listening to and helping others. They both have good natures and we share our joys and sorrows equally.

Yeshi studied at Ganden Jangtse monastery, where he completed his studies in Buddhist philosophy. He had participated in the Gelug Examinations for four years and passed all of them.

Rigzen studied at Tashi Lhunpo monastery and finished his every course in Buddhist philosophy there. Now we are preparing our English language at LTWA (Library of Tibetan Works and Archives), Dharamsala to join Emory University next year.

Yeshi and Rigzen are both quite elegant and handsome. They have appealing looks, especially in monk robes. They are both very aware of their monkhood.

Yeshi loves fitness so he always keeps his daily morning exercise going. Rigzen is a very energetic person, who loves to play basketball. I am quite a lazy person and have low interest in fitness.

I hope our brotherhood will last for eternity and I hold that hope in my mind always. The time for us to live together may have limits but we will stand by each other, no matter where we are, we will always be bothers.

Yeshi, Rigzen and me during a tea break at LTWA.

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