Excitement of Seeing Snow

largedividerOn the 16th of last January, Yeshi and I arrived in Delhi from Bodhgaya, after Kalachakra. We were supposed to stay there a few days for shopping and other purposes, but all lodgings at MT ( Tibetan settlement in Delhi) were full and had a sign of ‘Sorry! No room’. So we were forced to/had to leave for Dharamsala on that same evening.

Early next morning, we reached back to our room and had a rest for the next few hours. We decided to go up to McLeod Gang. While we were having tea at McLeod one of Yeshi’s friend joined us and suggested we go to see snow.

“Yes”, Yeshi and I both responded excitedly at the same time. Three of us climbed up along Tushita road and to Dharamkot hill. I filmed and photographed some of our moments along the way.

From little o much, the snow was able to see as we walked up towards the hill. The excitement in me for seeming snow led me to be unaware of the hardness of climbing up. I had such excitement because I was about to see snow after more than sixteen years since I have left to Mundgod, South India.

Sixteen years ago, I used to play with snow during the winter, in Ladakh. And I have lots of imprints of enjoying the snow from my childhood times.

When we reached almost the top of the hill, we saw snow which covered the land up there. We took pictures and threw snow on each other and skied on snow. One thing we forget that day was to make a snowman, but we did it on our next visit.


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